3 Tips for Having a Great Family Vacation

After having spent a wonderful week with my family in the Outer Banks…I got to thinking. We had a great time together, but there are always going to be little things that make spending time with family, extended family, and significant others on vacation a bit…well…trying.

Let’s be honest: when you’re renting a house (like we did) or in close quarters, essentially living together is not something that any of you are used to. I haven’t lived with my parents in over 10 years and I’ve never lived with my Aunt or cousins.

But there are plenty of ways to prepare, communicate, and end up having a wonderful family vacation.


1. Be realistic.

I find that many things in life go downhill quickly simply because of high expectations getting dragged through the mud. Reality rarely matches our dreams…and that’s ok.

It’s very realistic to expect to have a great time; but it’s unrealistic to expect no one will fight or have words. It’s realistic to expect you’ll have wonderful new memories with your family; but it’s unrealistic to expect nothing will go wrong.

2. Take your alone time.

Even my most extroverted of friends (and family) need a break. It’s exhausting to constantly be around each other, trying new things, or going wherever your vacation takes you. It’s ok (and healthy!) to take “you” time. So go sit by yourself, read your favorite book, do some yoga, take a nap…take that time out every once in a while. You’ll thank yourself and your family will thank you too 😉

3. Be clear about expectations.

Finances. Cleaning. Cooking. All things that will send a perfectly happy and healthy family into the next big feud.

If you’re on a cruise or something similar, you automatically won’t have to worry about some of these things. But communication is key when it comes to all of these points during a family vacation. Make sure that everyone understands and is comfortable with spending. Make sure everyone is happy with how the cooking, cleaning, and other chores are handled.

Remember, in most cases, you’re going from living separately to being in a more confined space. It’s going to be hard for anyone!

Bon voyage!

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