3 Reasons You’re Not Accomplishing Your Goals


Have you ever put together a to-do list in the morning and by the end of the day realize you haven’t accomplished any of your goals? Even if you were working all day long, it seems that you just can’t check items off that list of yours. There could be a few reasons for that.

You have too many goals

Sure, goals or to-do list items are a wonderful thing. One problem may be that you simply have too many items on your checklist.

If that’s the case, looking at your list may just be plain overwhelming. You may ignore the list altogether. It may even cause you to skip around and never get anything done.

The fix? Break your list down into manageable goals for certain time period – the day, the week, whatever the case may be. That way, when you cross items off, you’ll feel good knowing you got things accomplished!

Your goals are too big

Similar to having too many goals, having only long-term goals may cause you to feel you’re never getting anything done.

The fix? Make sure you incorporate short-term goals as well. These simpler tasks will help make you feel like you’re accomplishing things during the day. You can also break down a larger project (or long-term goal) into the steps you need to accomplish it. Looking at a large project or goal in its more simplistic steps can often help you to feel less overwhelmed and much more productive.

You procrastinate completing your goals

We all have those items on our to-do lists that seem to hang around for what seems like ages. Are they easy enough to accomplish? Sure. But for one reason or another, we have the hardest time crossing them off the list!

The fix? I like to mix and match what I do throughout my day or week; that seems to help with those tasks I just can’t seem to get myself to do. For example, I’ll start my doing something easy or that I want to do, then move the task I procrastinated about, then move back to something I want to do, and so on. It feels amazing when you finally cross that task off your list that you’ve been dreading. And once you do, most of the time you’ll realize it wasn’t so bad, afterall!

What do you find can be a barrier to accomplishing your goals?

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