5 Healthy Benefits of Drinking Tea

I love tea; always have, but lately I’ve become especially fond of it. After all, what’s better than snuggling up with a nice warm cup of tea?

Not only is tea delicious, it’s also good for you. There are plenty of health benefits associated with tea, but we’re going to cover 5 big ones here.


1. Prevent cancer

There have been plenty of studies done around the effects of tea for preventing a number of different types of cancer. While tea you certainly shouldn’t rely on tea as an end-all-be all cancer prevention strategy, it certainly can’t hurt!

2. Improve fat burning and boost exercise endurance

Green tea, specifically, has been proven to burn fat more quickly and the antioxidants in it can even help improve muscle endurance when you exercise.

3. Increase hydration

As someone that enjoys hot drinks and needs a little more flavor than just plain ol’ water, I love using tea to count towards my daily water intake.

4. Decrease the risk of disease

In addition to preventing cancer, tea has also been proven to reduce the risk of certain diseases and issues, including: Parkinson’s, cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, high blood pressure, and even neurological diseases (such as Alzheimer’s).

5. Increase relaxation and concentration

Depending on the type of tea you’re drinking (there are many kinds with very specific benefits based on what herbs are included), many have been shown to increase relaxation and boost concentration. Specifically found in green and white teas, different amino acids will help produce a “quiet alertness” in tea drinkers.

If these 5 reasons haven’t convinced you to start incorporating tea into your routine, I don’t know what will! Enjoy a cup of green tea in the morning or sleepy tea at night and be on your way to better health in the process.

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