5 Tips for Getting Motivated & Inspired

A lack of motivation or inspiration – whatever you want to call it – happens to the best of us. Whether you’re having an “off day” or need a vacation from your vacation, sometimes it’s just tough to get back into the swing of things.

Or…maybe you’re lacking motivation to get started on a project or goal that you’ve been wanting, but don’t know where to begin.

Never fear, dear reader, here are 5 ways you can try to get motivated or inspired.

1. Change your scenery

One of the best ways I’ve found to get re-motivated or inspired is by changing my environment. It may be a byproduct of working from home for me, but getting out of the house and changing up the scenery does wonders for my creativity and motivation.

I think the same can be said if you’re having trouble getting inspired to do anything. Working out, for example, may be tough, but get your booty to a fitness class or the gym instead of doing an at-home workout? That may be just the ticket!

2. Remember your goals

It’s really easy to get so focused on the small steps in working toward a goal that you forget what you’re after long-term.

So…some people use vision boards; I use my bullet journal. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing will help re-motivate and re-inspire you.

3. Do what you want

Sometimes the tasks at hand simply aren’t what we want to be doing. Instead of accomplishing them, we accomplish nothing by thinking about what we want to be doing.

If you can hold off a little longer on these must-do’s, try actually doing what you want! Maybe it’s a walk outside or snuggling your kiddos. Maybe you want to be working on another work task, not the one you’re in the midst of. Sometimes by giving ourselves what we want (even for just a few minutes), we’ll actually re-motivate ourselves to get the not-so-fun stuff done too!

4. Take a break

I find that my mind spirals out of control when I’m feeling unmotivated. I start thinking about all the things I should be doing and get overwhelmed at that thought of the giant list.

Sometimes doing nothing, even just for a few minutes, is actually what you need. Calm your body (and your brain) by going for a walk or simply sitting quietly and meditating to ground yourself again.

5. Fuel your body

Sometimes the reason we are unmotivated or uninspired isn’t due to a lack of want, it’s due to physical needs being unmet.

Make sure you’ve gotten plenty of rest, hydrated, are fueling your body with good foods, and staying active. It’s amazing what a healthy lifestyle can do for your overall wellbeing.

How do you stay motivated and inspired? Tell us in the comments below!

Born/bred in MD. Raised in ME. Transplant to FL. Entrepreneur, wife, mama, writer, puppy momma, Scorpio, fitness/nutrition enthusiast, eternal optimist.
I’m a strong, passionate, intense woman who has a thirst for life, knowledge, love, and the never-ending question of the meaning of life. I figure I’m bound to find it sooner or later.

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