6 Special Places to Dine on Your Birthday in St. Augustine, Florida

If you know me, you know I love birthdays…especially my own!

My roommate and I are doing a special birthday dinner, and I know a few places in St. Augustine that offer special birthday meals, drinks, or desserts, but not very many. So I decided to find as many as I could and create one place for them!

  1. Yamato Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Get a free dinner on your actual birthday. They do an amazing hibachi show and the food is excellent here!
  2. Outback Steakhouse – Free dessert on your birthday.
  3. Wildflower Cafe – On your actual birthday, you’ll receive a free meal and dessert at Wildflower. Exclusions apply, so make sure you check the fine print.
  4. Woody’s BBQ – Free dessert on your birthday.
  5. Casa Maria – If you’re over 21, you’ll get a free shot of tequila on your birthday.
  6. Denny’s – Get a free GRAND SLAM on your birthday.

I’m sure there are plenty more deals and steals for a special birthday meal – especially in all the wonderful holes-in-the-wall we have in St. Augustine. Leave yours in the comments below!

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8 responses to “6 Special Places to Dine on Your Birthday in St. Augustine, Florida

  1. This was very helpful! My BFF is turning 21 this saturday and we were hoping to find a free meal on her birthday. Is the Wildflower Cafe nice?

    1. Thanks so much, Dae Lynn!

      My birthday is coming up quick on the 24th of this month, so I may need to take you up on that offer! šŸ™‚

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