7 Christmas Gifts Your Man Will Love [Based on His Personality]

Choosing the perfect Christmas present for your husband or boyfriend can be challenging.

How do you choose something you know he’s going to use and enjoy? How do you compete with the awesome gift you got him last year? How do you pick the right thing for his unique style?

Never fear, I’ve got your back. Here are 7 gifts perfect for the man in your life, based on his unique personality.

1. For the Minimalist

Does your man enjoy leaving the house with little to nothing? This wallet phone case for the iPhone means that he can go from carrying his wallet and phone to just the phone. The wallet portion in the back will hold his ID and cards, so there’s no longer a need to walk out of the door with anything but his phone!


2. For the Sportsman

Nothing says love like a man for his favorite team. For the sports lover in your life, the possibilities are endless. From purchasing a personalized jersey for his favorite team to tickets to the big game (or even season tickets) to other fun team trinkets, your sportsman will appreciate your thoughtful gift.

3. For the Cocktail Aficionado

If your guy loves a good happy hour cocktail, look no further than a beautiful decanter and glass set. (A great bonus? This glass set won’t have any lead issues like some crystal sets can have.) Plus, couple this gift with his favorite liquor of choice, and you’re going to win wife of the year!

4. For the Bookworm

Is your guy into books? An audible subscription is the perfect gift. Choose from 1, 3, 6, or 12 months and he’ll be listening to (at least) one amazing book a month.

5. For the Outdoorsman

For those outdoors-loving man, from hikers to fishermen, this Purist shirt from Poncho is going to get you plenty of brownie points this holiday season. Lightweight, odor minimizing, and quick drying, this Poncho shirt is going to be the go-to for your outdoors guy.

6. For the Chef

For all things cooking, The Instant Pot is as good as it gets. With multiple settings and amazing pressure cooking capabilities, the whole family is going to love this amazing cooking tool.

7. For the Dad of the Year

The father of your children deserves something that shows just how much he’s appreciated. This Mission Critical carrier will do just that. This military style carrier is going to be just for dad and the babe – keeping them both in comfort and style.

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What’s your man’s gift personality? Tell us in the comments below!

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