8 Reasons Footed Pajamas Are Still Cool [Guest Blogpost]

The following is a guest blogpost from CrazyForBargains.com.

When you see a pair of footed pajamas for adults, you probably smile or laugh. The laughter and smile that comes to your face is only one of the reasons these styles of sleepwear are amazing. They bring back the fun of being a kid, thinking about pillow fights and, let’s face it, they look awesome! If you haven’t thought about buying a pair, here are 8 reasons why you should think about footed pajamas for fun or for a gift. Once you try them on, you’ll find out why everyone loves them and why footed pajamas are still really cool!

8. They make you laugh.

Whether it’s a sleepover party or you’re at a bachelorette party, everyone will get a kick out of your footed pjs. Your friends will get a laugh and also want to know where you got them. If you buy a novelty print that matches the event or party, you’ll also be wearing a fashion statement that helps to make you the queen of the event.

stay-puft-marshmallow-man-footed-pajamas-for-men-27. They can double as a costume.

Costumes can be itchy and tear easily. Wearing something like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man footed pajamas with a hood not only provides you with a costume that looks awesome, but you’ll be super comfy and ready for bed when you get home. What else could you ask for with a costume?!

6. Better for a bar crawl.

Everyone has tried a Snuggie or a Santa bar crawl.  However, costumes and blankets can make it hard to move around and they get trashed with mud, dirt, and gunk from the ground. By doing a footed pajamas bar crawl you not only have yourself covered for no shirt no shoes no service, but you don’t have fabric flying everywhere or anything blocking your ability to run to the next bar.

5. A butt flap.

The styles that look like union suits with a butt flap may look funny, but it is a great way to not have to undress and freeze if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. No one likes to get out of bed and freeze, especially to use the bathroom. With a built in butt flap you can stay warm and cozy while using the restroom at night.

4. You never have to leave your bed.

One of the hardest things about waking up in the morning is leaving that cozy warm feeling. With footed pajamas you can feel like you are still wrapped in your blankets making morning time much easier for you.

3. Relive being a kid.

If you’ve ever seen retro marketing like commercials and cereal boxes that have designs from when you were a kid, they do it to help remind you of a safer time where your only worries were deciding where to go play or what toppings to get on a pizza. If you’re stressed out and don’t want to face the world, having footed pajamas to wear can help you to feel secure like you are a kid again.

2. Gifts for people.

Everyone has someone that is impossible to shop for. Not many people have a pair of footed pajamas for adults. Giving someone a pair of footed pjs will not only make them laugh and smile, but your gift will be the one that everyone talks about. You might even get a call from the person thanking you after they try wearing them to bed.

1. They are cool!

With everything from novelty prints to famous movies and characters, footed pajamas are awesome for everyone!

If you still aren’t inspired to check out a pair of footed pajamas for adults, you are missing out. Everyone thinks they might be weird at first, but once you’ve tried them on, you’ll never want to take them off. Buy matching pairs for your family, your significant other, or even for yourself to have something super comfy to wear and find your own reasons why footed pajamas are still the coolest pajamas around.

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