DIY Tuesday: Creating an Eclectic Wall of Art

I’ve long been fascinated with how interior designers create gorgeous, eclectic designs by integrating a ton of different elements – from framed photos to canvas paintings to multimedia or 3D pieces – into a single wall.


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Since my roommate and I moved recently, I wanted to try something like this in our living room and incorporate some art, some photos, and a fantastic vintage mirror her grandmother gave us. As I researched how to do it, here’s what I learned about creating a beautiful wall of art:

  • Keep something the same. If you’re mixing and matching textures and sizing, adding color into the mix can be overwhelming; so stick with a similar palette. If you want to be creative with color, keep the texture and size of your pieces similar. The art of being eclectic is also keeping some sense of cohesion between your pieces.
  • Pay attention to sizing as it makes sense.
  • Play with unusual mediums. Try incorporating fabrics or 3D pieces. Why not?!
  • Plan first, nail second. One of the best things I did before putting any holes in my wall was first laying it out in the order and pattern I wanted on the floor.90244530a2cc9b498260cd5731d9198f

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Here is my final product!


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