Fashion Fun for Spring: Mixing and Matching Colors, Textures, Prints, and Styles

I’m a comfy clothes girl; always have been, always will be. But I’m also a wannabe fashionista. I love clothes, playing with them, and mixing and matching to create unexpected fashion moments. Spring is especially fun, because that’s, of course, when color comes out to play!

How to Mix and Match…Anything

I’m certainly no stylist, but here are my favorite tricks for putting together outfits that don’t traditionally go together. (Because really, what’s fun about being traditional?!)

When you’re mixing patterns and prints

I’ve gotta give props to the ultimate stylista I know, Ms. Erica Cole, and her post about mixing prints the right way. Here’s what it really boils down to with prints, as far as I’m concerned:

  • You can’t have two bold patterns; one really has to be the breadwinner. Otherwise, they’re competing with one another. So choose one bold print and another that’s a little more subtle.
  • Like colors work. There has to be some cohesion – even between things that don’t necessarily match – so make sure you pull some similar colors between prints to make it work.
  • The definition of “neutral” has changed. As Erica says in her post, leopard is a neutral now. So when you’re talking about pairing a neutral with a print, the sky’s the limit!

When you’re mixing textures

This is especially fun with jewelry: mixing bracelets, necklaces, etc. Bangles, spikes, and leather are trendy right now, so make sure you mix and match that arm candy. One of my favorite jewelry mixtures: layering necklaces. (J’s Everyday Fashion has a great post on this.)

Mixing textures is also fun with clothing. I love staying in the same color palette, but layering to make things interesting with different fabrics and accessories; like in this one, with a mixture of knits, a herringbone blazer, chain necklace, and leather boots.

black on black

When you’re mixing colors

Consult the color wheel. Sure, there’s primary matching, but there’s also secondary, complimentary, tertiary, etc.

Do orange and mint go together? Why yes they do. How about mustard and a deep purple? Hells, yes.

mix and match

When you’re mixing styles

I’m naturally very eclectic when it comes to style: from boho chic to classic to retro to everything in between. Sometimes it can be hard to blend so many styles from one closet, but here are a few of my standing tips to mix and match:

  • Layering isn’t only fun, it’s practical. Play by layering things that don’t go together: a dress as a skirt, a belted tunic over a skirt, bold jewelry, the list goes on and on.
  • When in doubt, add a belt. This is just a general rule, but I love me some belts. I have a lot of flouncy tops, so by cinching with a belt…poof! Hello, waistline!
  • Play, play, and play some more! Be as creative as you can be, because if fashion is one thing, it’s experimentation. So mix and match to your heart’s delight.

What are your favorite tricks and tips for mixing up your style?

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