February 2018 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

From now on, I’ve decided to publish my weekly journal spreads just once a month, rather than each week. That way, you can enjoy all of them in a single place! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Week 1

This week was pretty simple, but I wanted to incorporate a little difference than my normal spread: a clear area for the deadlines I had for the week. I also wanted to leave some space for an incredible quote to inspire me all week long.

She turned her can’ts into cans
And her dreams into plans.

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Week 2

This second week, I wanted to incorporate some more new features: daily gratitude and goals for the week, as there were fewer deadlines…but plenty of goals to accomplish!

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And bonus!!! Here’s the time lapse video of this weekly spread:

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Week 3

Week 3 brings the day of love…Valentine’s Day! Obviously there was plenty of pink and lots of love incorporated into this week, including this incredible quote:

Do small things with great love.

– Mother Teresa

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Week 4

Another week means another week of gratitude – which feels so good to acknowledge – and another inspirational quote based on my words of the year:

Dreams demand hustle.

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Week 5: Bonus/Travel

Oh happy day! (Or happy week!) The last week of February brought vacation time – otherwise known as honeymoon week!

Since this week wasn’t your typical week, it certainly changed the way I set it up and tracked everything. Most importantly: a packing list and workout schedule!

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I hope you enjoyed my February weekly bullet journal spreads! Make sure you follow @nickiongcom to see them as they come out on Instagram

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