How to Create the Perfect Carrie Bradshaw Bun

I love me some Carrie Bradshaw, and the ‘do’s Sarah Jessica Parker sported in Sex & the City are no different. Specifically: the epic bun.

carrie bun

As it turns out, this messy chic bun isn’t too hard to pull off. And here’s how.

1. Put your hair up in a tight ponytail. You can choose to either slick back your roots (like I have here) or give it some volume; totally up to you.


2. Tease like crazy! This part is fun. You can either backcomb at the base of your ponytail next to the elastic OR (and I think this is the better way, personally) hold your ponytail by the tip above your head. Then tease with your hands by pulling down from tip to base of the ponytail leaving out one layer of hair. Start again from the top and pull down, leaving out another layer. Eventually, you’ll have something that looks a little like this delightful hot mess:


3. Time to sculpt. Now you’re going to take your now teased ponytail and sculpt in into the perfect bun. The best way I’ve figured out how to do this is to let your hair do what it wants; your bun is going to be a little different each and every time. Start by gently maneuvering your teased hair around the center; wrap as loosely or as tightly as you’d like.


4. Pin it. Last but not least, bobby pin in place. This was the part I needed the most practice with, so that I could keep the bun in place without deflating it. What I’ve learned is crossing the pins (making your “x’s”) on the edges and underneath the bun will secure it for the whole night!

Now go channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw!

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