How to (Finally) Start Eating Better [Blog Challenge #3]

The following post is apart of Alex Beadon’s Feel Good Blogging Challenge. Admittedly, I was skeptical about something like this, but it’s turning out to be a powerful blogging exercise!

Have you been fighting your food cravings? Have you been trying diet after diet and they simply won’t stick? Have you been trying forever to lose those last 5 pounds?

Never fear, follow these easy tips and you’ll be on your way to your happy and healthiest you.


It’s really about the basics

We’ve been hearing more and more about this Mediterranean diet. It’s now being called the world’s healthiest diet, and it’s no wonder why! This “diet” is about giving your body more of what it needs (fruits/veggies, healthy fats, lean proteins) and less of what it doesn’t need or digest well (red meat, refined sugars, processed foods). Hell, you can even drink red wine with it!

Drink water

So many of us don’t drink enough water. In fact, we can be so dehydrated sometimes that our stomachs trick us into thinking we are hungry when we are actually just thirsty. So make sure you get (at least!) your intake of water each and every day. (Your weight in pounds/2 = the # of fluid ounces of water you should be drinking every day.)

Just like so many people, I have the hardest time drinking water. To mix it up (and confuse my taste buds into liking the clear stuff), I’ll do things like drink hot water or tea, mix in a little Crystal Light to add flavor, or chug a glass of water before eating.

Say “no” to soda and sugar


Soda products (especially Diet) and refined sugars reek havoc on our bodies and cause all sorts of issues. So just say no.

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Plan your meals


One of the biggest issues a lot of us have is getting stuck in a grab-and-go rhythm where we put whatever is around and available in our mouths. Instead, take some time to stop and plan ahead.

  • Pack your lunch for the next day. Try putting a salad in a tupperware with your dressing in a separate container.
  • Put everything on a plate. It’s easy to overeat when you’re doing the hand-to-mouth dance with a snack bag. Instead, put the right serving on a plate.
  • Plan dinners in advance by making plenty for the week and eating leftovers.

Your diet alone won’t do it

Food is fuel, but it’s not everything. It’s only have the battle. The best way to conquer your diet? “Move more, eat less.”

By eating healthy and moving your body more, you’ll be on your way to your healthiest you.

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