How to Repair Corrupt Files on Your Bogged-Down Mac

My computer is just shy of two years old, but has a lot on it already: from work documents and files to photos (I just spent 4 days backing up and removing over 12,000 photos!). I use it for everything from work to personal life, so it’s incredibly important that it works (and works fast).

A few months ago, I noticed it kept getting bogged down and then had an incredibly difficult time starting up. I called Apple Care, who explained (and it made perfect sense) that some of my files were corrupt.

I’ve had to do this a few times now, and the folks at Apple assure me this is totally normal (though I’m not sure whether I believe them, or not!). If your computer seems more bogged down than normal, you may want to follow the these steps to get it back up and running!

Remove the Caches

  • MacintoshHD > Library > Caches. Select all and move to the Trash.
  • System > Caches. Select all and more to the Trash.
  • Users > [Your username] > Caches. Select all and move to the Trash.

Repair Disk Permissions

  • Hit Command and the space bar to search for “Disk Utility”.
  • Click MacintoshHD.
  • Click “Verify Disk Permissions”. And let it do its thing; it could take a while.
  • Click “Repair Disk Permissions”. Again, let it go.
  • Restart.
  • Empty your Trash.

Get Up-to-Date

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that your software is always up-to-date. Check by:

  • Click on the Apple icon in the top left hand corner of your screen.
  • Click “Software Update”.
  • Install and restart if necessary.

And there you go! Hopefully that gets your Mac running smoothly again!

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