How to Stay Positive: 4 Things You Can Do Today To Be More Positive

With all the negative things going on around us, plain old life, or simply a naturally negative attitude, it’s easy to get down in the dumps and let pessimism bog us down.

Being negative is easy, but it won’t get you very far…and it certainly won’t lead to a happy, wholesome life.

A positive attitude can truly get you everywhere in life. In fact, it can even keep you from getting sick and live longerMaybe you need to be more mindful, or maybe meditation will change your attitude. No matter what you do, infusing a positive attitude into your daily life will benefit you in both the short-term and the long-term.

If you tend to be a glass-half-empty person, changing your attitude entirely to a positive one will take time; it won’t happen overnight. So here are 4 ways to start changing your negative attitude to a positive one…right now.

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1. Be mindful

Experience the positive things in your life with full appreciation.

Is the sun shining today? Go outside for 5 minutes and soak it all in.

Did you hear from an old friend? Take time away from distractions and really appreciate the time to catch up with them.

Land a new job you were hoping to get? Go out and celebrate it!

Whatever it is that gives you a positive moment throughout your day, don’t just let it happen and move on. Really notice it. Revel in it.

You can even write them down. You’ve probably seen people do 3 positives a day on Facebook? Whether you’d prefer to do this publicly or privately, try writing down 3 positive things that happened throughout your day.

2. Use positive words

It’s a wonder what putting a positive spin on a negative situation will do to change your attitude. In addition, positive affirmations (like #1) will retrain your brain from a negative mode to a positive one.

Positive words can be as simple as being thankful: whether in general or being grateful to someone else and voicing it. Or, it could be the more literal sense: instead of “Ugh. It’s cloudy today…again!” try “It’s cloudy out, but I’m glad it’s not raining!”

3. Keep things in perspective

In the face of a “woe is me” ‘tude, you’ve probably heard people talk about “thinking about how good you have it” or “think about the starving kids in Africa.”

Well…it’s true!

Perspective can really put you in a place to be appreciative of what you do have and the things you’ve accomplished. Simply being grateful for the things you have will put you in a more positive place.

4. Take care of yourself

Diet and exercise have a big effect on one’s positivity. The nutrients you put in your body will have a direct impact on the way you feel – which, in turn, impacts your mood. Staying active boosts serotonin in your brain, which leads to “happy feelings” – sure to take you one step closer to a glass-half-full perspective.

But taking care of yourself doesn’t end with healthy eating and exercise.

It means taking care of your mind, as well. Our minds needs rest and constant worry, negativity, and stress can lead to sleep deprivation and other unhealthy habits. So be sure to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Beyond sleep, take the “me time” that you need to fend off unhealthy stress and negativity. Whether you enjoy meditating, a quiet walk, time with friends, or being curled up with a good book for an evening, take the time to do it.

Negativity has a way of spreading itself through all areas of our lives. By making small changes today, bigger changes will take hold tomorrow.

Born/bred in MD. Raised in ME. Transplant to FL. Entrepreneur, wife, mama, writer, puppy momma, Scorpio, fitness/nutrition enthusiast, eternal optimist.
I’m a strong, passionate, intense woman who has a thirst for life, knowledge, love, and the never-ending question of the meaning of life. I figure I’m bound to find it sooner or later.

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