June 2018 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads

Below are my weekly bullet journal spreads for June. Try the ones you enjoy and don’t forget to follow @nickiongcom for up-to-date spreads!

Week 1

This fun spread was inspired by pseudo watercolor. It’s hard with a marker or pen, so I’ll have to try again with my colored pencils or paints!

This week’s motivational quote was:

Accept what is,
Let go of what was,
And have faith in what will be.

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Week 2

What’s summertime without the inspiration from our beautiful yellow sun?!

This week’s motivational quote was:

Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.

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Week 3

I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable with freehand line drawing and my hand lettering. I played with both a bit for the weekly details here.

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Week 4

I’m always experimenting with the way I show the date (number) for each day of the week and this was a brand new one for me. It was a little darker than I expected (even in a light gray), but writing over it was pretty visible.

This week’s motivational quote is:

The best is yet to come.

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I hope you enjoyed my June weekly bullet journal spreads! Make sure you follow @nickiongcom to see them as they come out on Instagram. 

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