Just VOTE! 3 Arguments for Getting to the Polls this November

The presidential race is officially on.

Both sides will fight to the death in just a few months, while they spend the rest of September and October claiming one horrific statistic after another about their opponent.

It’s difficult to watch.

Politics are so muddled these days that a conservative liberal has nearly the same beliefs as a liberal conservative.

It makes it hard to pick sides.

Beliefs aside, nothing upsets me more than one thing when it comes to the presidential race: when people simply don’t vote. 

I heard a stat on the radio this morning: 50% of us simply do not vote. That’s astounding!!!

So many people will say, “My vote won’t make a difference.” That’s exactly what nearly every single person who doesn’t vote says. Can you imagine if 50% of the population actually went out to the polls and voted? The decision could turn out completely different!

I’ve also heard people say, “I don’t care about politics.” Presidential nominees have a TON of platforms they fight for. Surely, you’re passionate about one – whether it’s the economy, healthcare, civil rights, education, gun control, jobs, crime, etc. For better or worse, politics have a huge stake in these issues in our country. Take the time to educate yourself on the issues and who you side with.

Because I coach cheerleading, I’ve heard a lot of “I’m not registered here.” Well, wouldn’t you know it?! They make a fancy little thing called an absentee ballot. Get one.

I’m the first to admit I’m a raging liberal, and yes, I plan on voting again for Obama. But, I’d never dare to tell someone who to vote for. What matters is that we all get out there and vote!

Photo credit: cainandtoddbenson

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