My 3 Favorite Places for Free Wifi in St. Augustine, Florida

I work from home most of the time, so Wifi and the ability to be around people are both important and hard to come by for me. I’ve been to quite a few places in St. Augustine that offer free Wifi, but I have 3 favorites that I tend to stick to.

1. Cafe Cordova

This beautiful cafe is situated right in the center of downtown, on the corner of Cordova and King Streets. It’s apart of the Casa Monica Hotel, so you’ll get to enjoy the ambiance of the gorgeous hotel along with your Starbucks coffee.

I also love that they have both indoor and outdoor seating. You’re in the center of downtown, so if you’re easily distracted, this could be an issue; but umbrellas on the tables and a light breezy day is the perfect setting for getting some major work done.

2. City Coffee

Right off of U.S. 1, this funky cafe is great for working: from meetings to meeting friends for lunch. There are couches or large tables, so you’ll be comfortable no matter what.

The coffee is to die for and they recently added an option for almond milk, so I can happily get my almond milk lattes! Also, many of their coffee options are both local and organic. (That’s a  win win!) You’ll find a pretty great Mediterranean-inspired menu here if and when you get a little hungry.

3. Barnes & Noble

Old Faithful. Like the Cafe Cordova, you’ll get your Starbucks fix, along with the many typical B&N tasty delights. I like to go to Barnes & Noble whenever I’m in the 312/U.S. 1 vicinity, and for a little different atmosphere.

Obviously, if you want to get some good reading in along with your free Wifi, this is a great place to be. Also, be sure to get there well before the lunch hour, as I’ve often had trouble getting a table when it’s too close to noon!

What about you? What are some of your favorite places for coffee, a bite to eat, and some high speed Internet?

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  1. I also work from home and enjoy being able to grab a good snack or coffee…simply being out and about to break up the silence of a home office;) I enjoy the Hyppo cafe off 312 or Panera. Looking forward to trying your faves soon! Thanks for sharing:)

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