My Fall 2015 #ootd Roundup

Instagram is a cool place and everyone has their own method to the madness.

One way I love using Instagram is photo documenting my outfits (#ootd = Outfit of the Day). Here’s my roundup for this fall.

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High-waisted pants

This was a Halloween costume, but apparently the 60’s/70’s are back in full swing! I’ve had these pants for years, so apparently I’m going to have to start using them more often now!

high waisted

All black & a blazer

All black is a go-to for me when I can’t figure out what I want to wear. The mono-chromatic look means you don’t have to think overly hard. Add a blazer and you’re good to go!


Cold days in Florida

We do have some below-80 degree days here in Northeast Florida and as a former Mainer, I love those days! It means I can pull out all my never-worn fall/winter outerwear, and some of my favorite accessories: hats, scarves, and socks!


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