Our Pregnancy Announcement: 3 Tips for Telling the World You’re Having a Baby

It’s no secret that baby announcements, gender reveals, and (basically) the first photo for anything baby-related has become a bit of a creative competition for parents-to-be.

You’ve likely seen the über creative Pinterest-esque photoshoots announcing a new life or whether the bouncing babe will be a boy or girl. (No? Here’s a few to wet your whistle.)

We announced our bun in the oven in mid-August and had so much fun creating some simple, but unique, announcement photos. Here is some inspiration – and tips – for your announcement!

3 Tips for Creating a Baby Announcement

1. Keep it simple

Not only is there beauty in the simplicity of a good announcement photo, there’s also so much less stress. Don’t try to put yourself in a perfect social media box for this announcement – let’s keep things in perspective, shall we? You’re celebrating a new life, and you want to tell other people about it.

The other benefit to keeping it simple? If this is your first baby, you’re already setting #2, #3, etc. (if you plan on them) up for needing extravagant announcements, too, if that’s what you did for #1.

2. Make it meaningful

Choose props, a location, or even wording that is meaningful to you as a couple, as a family, and for your new baby. If you have kids – or pets! – already, this is a perfect way to include them in the fun photo taking.

My friends, Sam and Sam, love this beach; where I was honored to take their announcement photos.

We wanted to incorporate our little one in our photos!

3. Make it memorable and unique

Just because something is simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be memorable or unique! Here’s your opportunity to get creative! Use props, get creative with puns or wording, make it fun, and make it YOU!

What are your favorite tips/tricks for the baby announcement? Share them in the comments below!

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