How I Saved Over $1,125 on Electronics This Month

I’m no coupon cutter, but I do love a good deal. Between new hobbies and the need to get rid of the old and get in with the new, the last month has seen me through some new electronic purchases. I’m happy to report, however, that I saved $1,127.40 by finding some amazing online deals!


I’ve always been fascinated by photography and I’ve always wanted to do more with it as a hobby, but I’m not going to be a “photographer” so I don’t need anything too fancy. After doing a ton of research, I decided I wanted to purchase the Nikon D3200.


I found a great deal on Groupon Goods for the camera and lens.

  • $599.95 (original) – $379.99 (what I paid) = $219.96 (savings)

Then, I quickly found that I’d need another lens in order to really get somewhere with this whole photography thing. Another deal on Groupon, check!

  • $300 (original) – $89.99 (what I paid) = $210.01 (savings)

Now, a new camera is no good to me without knowing how to use it. I found another deal on Living Social for online courses to learn how to use DSLR cameras.

  • $166 (original) – $29 (what I paid) = $137 (savings)

Last, but not least, I topped it off with a camera bag and a 32 GB memory card from Amazon, where great deals are always had!

  • Bag: $34.95 (original) – $13.95 (what I paid) = $21 (savings)
  • Memory card: $10.94


My poor MacBook Pro recently started acting up, so I knew it was high-time for another computer.


After a lot of research, I decided this 13″ model would be perfect for me. I was able to get a education discount ($100) as part-time coaching staff at a college, as well as put an Apple gift card ($423.45) from my old computer (via Apple’s partner recycle program) toward the purchase.

  • $1,299 (original) – $775.55 (what I paid) = $523.45 (savings)

I also purchased an external hard drive (500GB External Hard Drive) to back up all my data and transfer from the old to new computers.

  • $74.99 (original) – $59 (what I paid) = $15.99 (savings)

What I Saved

  • Original total cost: $2,485.83
  • What I paid: $1,358.43
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $1,127.40
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