The Truth About Insecurities: Everyone Has Them

Picture it.

You’re a guy at the gym. You look at the weight you put on your bench press bar compared to the guy next to you, which is a helluva lot more than what you’re working with. Que insecurity.

You’re a girl in the bathroom at a busy restaurant and you see a bunch of other gorgeous girls next to you, all looking (what you feel like is) better than you. Insecurity strikes.

You’re self conscious about a certain body part or something you see as a flaw…and it’s all you can see.

Anxiety. Self doubt. Self consciousness. Insecurity.


Stop. And take a deep breath.

The thing about insecurity is that we all have it. Whether it’s our weight, our ability to make conversation in a networking setting, what we see as a “physical flaw” on our face or our bodies, our jobs, our homes, our cars…whatever it is, I’ve yet to meet a single person who doesn’t have at least one insecurity.

The problem with insecurity

Like depression and anxiety, insecurity can be crippling. It can cause you to stay away from whatever fuels your insecurity…whether it’s being out in public, being around family or friends, whatever it may be. This can have a major effect on the relationships you have and the person you are.

The lesson? Never let your insecurity control you. Always be the one to control it.

The most confident person in the room

Remember that even the most confident person is insecure…and it may be about something you’d never suspect. Even the prettiest man or woman is insecure…and they are usually the most insecure people, believe it or not.

Take a note from the confident people in your life: be confident. We’re all “flawed” in some way and guess what? It’s what makes us beautiful. It’s what makes us unique. So…rock it. Be confident in knowing you’re you and you’re happy with that. Sure, you have flaws, but you’re even more amazing because of them.

Photo credit: darcyadelaide

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