Tour Our Botanical Inspired Nursery & 3 Steps for Designing Your Baby’s Room

When it comes to designing the perfect nursery for your soon-to-be son or daughter, there are any number of directions you can go. For us, it was important to have: a gender neutral space (so we can put baby #2 in there too, eventually), a calm space for baby to sleep and Mom/Dad to relax in, and light and bright.

1. Start the research process

Like all great plans, one of the best places to start researching ideas for your nursery is Pinterest.

Start with simple searches like “boy nursery” or “botanical nursery” if you know specifically the design you’re after.

Since I was looking for a gender neutral nursery, that’s where I started. Once I started searching, it wasn’t long until I discovered the perfect inspiration:

Image credit: Akin Design Studio

From there, the keywords “botanical nursery” quickly kept coming up and I was able to keep doing searches to get even more inspiration.

2. Take what you like from your inspiration

The key, I’ve found, when it comes to using inspiration from other sources is knowing that you’ll never get it exactly like the photo – unless, of course, you track down the exact pieces.

Instead, take what you can from the inspiration’s theme and build your foundation.

For our nursery, that included:

  • Color scheme: white, gray, and pops of wood/earth tones and green
  • An abstract white/gray rug
  • Botanical prints
  • Cozy fabrics and pillows

3. Buy products and create your dream nursery

Now it’s time to see your dream become a reality!

Start with staple furniture

Start with the furniture and rug (if applicable) or the biggest items in the room and build around them.

When it came to going after this dream look, I knew that I wanted to go as all-white as possible. That included the following staple furniture pieces:

Crib & Mattress

We went with the Carter’s Colby 4-in-1 Crib in white, since this crib is simple, modern, and can grow with our little boy as he becomes a toddler and even into teen years. This frame can become a toddler bed, day bed, and a full-size bed. The Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer mattress will also grow with our little man.

With these beautiful leaf prints and the Nanit monitor above the bed, we kept the decor nice and simple here.


Again, we wanted simple and white, so the Delta Haven 6-drawer dresser (White) was perfect. That’s topped with our changing pad and the best changing pad cover ever.


One of the best new parent investments we made? The Soho Comfort Swivel Glider and Soho Ottoman (Gray). Roman and I spend tons of time nursing and reading in this chair and it’s super comfy for us both.

Diaper Pail

Spend a little extra than you might on the Diaper Genie and get this Ubbi Diaper Pail. It fits any trash bag, so you can use the bags you normally get instead of special ones. We’ve never had an issue with odors, so it’s perfect right next to the changing table!

Area Rug

Part of my nursery vision was a statement rug and I found the perfect one: Clair Ivory Area Rug. This subtle piece is the perfect design for the room and something fun for Roman to roll around and play on.


A good nursery isn’t complete without a bookshelf. In hindsight, I would’ve planned for something closer to the glider (since all the books end up there anyway), but I do love this sweet little shelf: Kingston Ladder Bookshelf.

When design meets function

Since this is a working room, we don’t just want it beautiful – we want it functional. That means that there needs to be certain items that not only match the theme of the room, but also provide help for your little one!

Some of our favorites were:

Baby clothing closet dividers
Baby clothing closet dividers
Storage bins (gray and mint)

It’s all in the details

Most of the details in Roman’s room were finds from Hobby Lobby and Target. With pops of botanical, I tried to keep things super simple on the shelves, including artwork gifted by my best friend!

Perhaps one of my favorite (and Roman’s too!) details ended up being this beautiful mobile I found on Etsy.

Organize, organize, organize

We’ve talked about a few ways to get functional, but it’s also vital that you stay organized. I can’t tell you how many times I organized Roman’s clothes, gifts, and hand-me-downs before he was born because my Mom brain literally kept making me forget where I put everything.

My favorite way to stay organized? Easy peasy gift tags!

And that does it!

I’m beyond thrilled over how the nursery turned out and I hope these 3 tips help you design the nursery of your dreams, too.

What are your favorite ways to decorate a nursery? Tell me in the comments below!

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