The Two-Week Wait: The Struggle is Real & 4 Ways to Help Improve Your Patience

Once you’re ready to start your family, you’re ready for it to happen right away.

If you’re like me – or the countless women whose comments I’ve read on prenatal forums – you want to get pregnant, like, yesterday.

The reality is…it takes time. (In fact, it will take a normal, healthy couple at least 6 months to create a little miracle.) And when you research the process of procreation as much as I have, you realize: it really is a miracle. Conception is a miracle and the fact that anyone gets pregnant (when all the stars basically need to be aligned) is a damn miracle.

That said, there’s a lovely little time period between ovulation and your (hopefully!) missed period. This delightful time is called the two-week wait, aptly named as you are literally. just. waiting.

When you want something so badly, it’s hard to spend 14 days thinking of little else, but it’s so important when it’s likely going to take more than one cycle to conceive. (And trust me…that first cycle, I was Googling every possible pregnancy symptom I had, so I get it!)

However, on the following few cycles (after I got my crazy out that first time around!), I discovered a few ways to improve my patience throughout the two-week wait.

1. Distract yourself

Understand that you need to wait (at least) two weeks to find out whether you’re pregnant or not. Try to distract yourself from peeing on the stick too early (as it will likely be negative anyway).

Plan a trip, dive into work, focus on fitness, or fulfill a passion project. Whatever you need to do to distract yourself, do it.

2. Focus on yourself

The best month I had was the month we ended up getting pregnant – I was actually focused on my cycle and making it the most healthy it could be.

3.Get physical

Since the luteal phase is such a great time for cardio and exercise anyway, it’s a perfect time to focus on your body and making it healthy for your future pregnancy – whether it’s this cycle or the next.

4. If you’re not pregnant

Don’t take it to heart. Mourn for a minute if you need to and have a glass of wine (because you still can). Know that it will happen for you…one way or the other.

How did you get through the two-week wait? 

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