The Ultimate Tool & Supply Guide for Bullet Journaling

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Ever since I started journaling over 2 years ago, I’ve heard this a lot: “Ugh. Isn’t it expensive? Don’t I need a ton of stuff to start?”

Honestly? No. You “need” way less than you think you do.

In fact, I recommend starting small with your journal and growing, depending on what you like. To get started, you really only need a favorite journal and a pen. From there, you can start getting creative with colored pens and markers and so much more.

Keep on reading for my full list of supplies (and easy links to purchase them!).


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Bullet Journal Supply List

Other Tools for Bullet Journaling

  • Time (you can spend as little or as much time as you want! I typically do my weekly spread while watching an hour of TV once a week!)
  • Your creativity (check out my Pinterest board or Instagram to get inspired)

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