The 5 Stages of Emotion When Your Best Friend Gets Engaged

My best friend, or I should really say my soulmate sister, got engaged to the man of her dreams over last weekend. I could not be more thrilled for her and her new fiancé!


Now that the initial excitement has died down, I figured that in true blogger fashion, I wanted to recount all of the emotions that came from this incredible union.

I did some research – per usual before writing a post – to see what was already out there as far as “what happens when your best friend gets engaged.” There was a ton of mixed feelings posts, negative-esque posts, semi-immature feelings posts, “how to be supportive” posts, resentment posts, and insecure posts.

So the reason I decided to write something about what happens when your BFF gets engaged? I want to show the positive, unfiltered, amazing reality that this is a colossally happy moment for one of the most important people in your life.

1. OMG, is it time yet?! (AKA: Excitement)

My best friend’s fiancé is a smart man. He knew that proposing meant that he’d have to share and get input from the army of loved ones my BFF has. As such, we’ve known about the impending proposal for over 4 months and the excitement was deafening.

In fact, I’ve had her gift ready to go for a few months:


So all the family and I could think for the past few months? WHEN IS IT HAPPENING, ALREADY?!

2. Keeping the secret (AKA: Sleuth mode)

Since the plan was for Kal to propose to Kristen during their housewarming party, there were great secrets to be had.

Let’s just say I lied more during that time than I realized I could (and I’m sure he did too)!

3. Sheer and utter joy

I could not be more thrilled for these two. I mean, come on, look how beautiful they are together! (And just imagine the mocha babies!)


4. More excitement

The feeling of blissful, outrageous excitement took quite a while to come down from.


5. Let’s plan, let’s plan, let’s plan!

And now…time to plan. Parties, festivities, and of course, the big day!

Congratulations, you two! Love you!


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