What International Women’s Day Is Really About (or An Open Letter to Kim Kardashian)

If you like or follow any sort of lady magazine online like I do (e.g. Self, Cosmo, etc.), you probably saw that Kim Kardashian posted a nude photo of herself with strategically placed black bars to cover up her lady bits over the weekend.

When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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While this photo isn’t altogether surprising coming from a Kardashian, it did cause a bit of backlash. (Case in point.)

After the initial post, there were a few celebrities that argued Kim didn’t have to use her body in that way and then 2016’s version of drama (AKA let’s say passive aggressive things to each other on Twitter) commenced. 

It’s International Women’s Day, damnit.

While wasting time reading articles about this nonsense that I will never get back, I found Miley Cyrus’ retort to hold a lot of weight. Basically, she just wants all of us ladies to get along (in her, ahem, not-so-subtle-Miley-way).

I agree with Miley. We absolutely have to stop putting each other down about being confident of one thing or another. There is way too much negativity on the Internet – and in real life – today and targeting women by making them feel less than they should is a huge issue. Whether it’s our bodies or an achievement or just a simple thought, there is way too much judgement woman-to-woman.

So we need to stop judging one another and start supporting each other more. Kim Kardashian put it (surprisingly) elegantly with her rebuttal today.

But here’s the thing.

I’m no prude, but flaunting your body in a way that’s perfect for a Playboy shoot is not being a good role model for young girls. Confidence, absolutely, is a great way to lead by example. But, let me repeat this: using your body to get attention does not make you a good role model.

Using sex or nudity does not make you someone who young girls can look up to in a positive way; it means you are using overtly using your body to get attention.

Yes, women should be proud of their bodies – in every shape and size that they come in. You should be proud of the skin you’re in. But the confidence you have about your body should never be misconstrued with the need to take your clothes off in order to get attention about it.

Sure, Kim’s picture may be what is considered sexy, but let’s take a look at other ways women can be sexy and confident…without taking all their clothes off.

Beautiful Latin Woman

Woman in a beautiful dress

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Senior woman portrait  with white hair and  red blouse, holding

Girl Smiling With Perfect Smile And White Teeth

Funky Style Beauty.

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Mother And Her Son Having Fun On The Beach

What International Women’s Day is really about

Kim argues that she’s supporting International Women’s Day by making it OK for her to post a risqué photo of her better suited for her husband’s eyes than for the rest of the world. But is that really what International Women’s Day is about? What about the hard work she’s put into her business or any conservation work she’s done or the volunteer efforts she’s contributed to? Those are the things I’d much rather see…and the things that would be far better suited for the eyes of small girls.

When did a woman’s right to share some beautiful skin become an argument for celebrating all we’ve achieved as women?

This year, today’s focus for today is gender parity. Let’s stop shaming or judging each other and stop putting our bodies on display in order to focus on the things that really matter in the world. That is what International Women’s Day is all about.

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