What To Do When You’re Down in the Dumps

It happens to the best of us. Mood swings, chemical imbalances, bad days…you name it. Even if you don’t suffer from depression, you can still get down in the dumps.

Here’s what you can do to get yourself out of a depressing mood.

down in the dumps

Change your scenery

Sometimes getting out of a rotten mood is simply about changing your environment.

Maybe you’ve been stuck inside all day and are suffering from a little cabin fever. So stop what you’re doing and get outside for a little fresh air. Or maybe you just feel icky. Take a shower or put on fresh clothes; or how about cleaning up a room you’ve been meaning to? Or try organizing a closet or other area you’ve been putting off.

These are small changes that could make a huge difference to your mood.

Connect with friends and family

It’s amazing what a simple conversation – even by text – can do to brighten your day when you speak to a loved one. Feeling connected to others is apart of the human condition and, for most of us, is a critical part of our happiness.

The other bonus? Friends and family often know when you’re being silly and when you’re legitimately having a tough time. They can often say what’s necessary to jolt you out of your sour mood.

Stop being negative

It seems silly that the answer to a depressing attitude is to simply be positive, but it’s true. Try to stop thinking so much about what’s wrong in your life, and start looking at what’s great in it.

Make a list or take a different viewpoint when you’re being negative. It’s easy to see the world with a glass-half-empty view when you’re down in the dumps. So make a change and choose to take a positive spin on your life and in your world.

All of these suggestions are of course for negative or depressing moods, not for those actually suffering from depression. If your depression is more than just a passing phase, therapy and medication might be a better fit for you.

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