Why I’m Giving My Dog To My Parents

Almost 5 years ago to the day, I become a puppy momma. I chose Brady from a litter from a breeder I handpicked and, though we have had our challenges, Brady has been a rock in my life. He’s been with me through buying a house, selling a house, moving to Florida, roommates, break-ups, and breakdowns.


This summer, I decided that Brady would have a better quality of life by heading back to Maine to live with my parents.

This has been the most difficult decision of my life.

Bar none, giving up my dog child – essentially my son – has been the most difficult choice I’ve ever had to make. It catapulted me into the biggest emotional roller coaster of my life, too. (Sorry, Dave!)

What I keep going back to is the fact that this is really a choice that’s best for everyone.


It’s best for Brady

I haven’t been able to give Brady what he really needs since I moved to Florida: wide open spaces to run around in. Whether it’s been because of renting or our lovely Florida summertimes, I really can’t give Brady the exercise that he needs and deserves.

Like anything we do for our children, we do what’s best for them.


It’s best for my parents

My parents just relocated to our camp in Maine full time. They are on 14 acres in the middle of nowhere on a lake. Win, win, win.

What’s more is that they’ve been wanting a dog for some time now. So they get one, without having to worry about training a puppy. Plus, my Dad is gone at work during the day and my Mom works from home. Like me, she’ll have the company of the Bradster for years to come.


It’s best for me

I’ve always known that if and when I met a man who had a dog, I’d have to think long and hard about how I’d deal with Brady. You see, I’ve done a lot to socialize Brady, but for whatever reason, he simply is not a dog-dog. (He’s very much a people-dog.)

Happy in a new relationship, I knew I’d have to make a choice when I chose to move in with my boyfriend; for Dave has a small mini-Dachshund. If Brady snaps and grabs this dog, he’s a goner. Plain and simple.


So I made a choice.

In the end, I had to make a decision. It was not an easy choice by any means.

I’m going to miss Brady terribly. I’m going to cry each and every time I think about him for a very long time, but in the end I know: it’s for the best. It’s the best for all of us and I know Brady’s going to be the happiest Lab of all time running through the woods and taking daily swims in the lake. Knowing that makes all of this feel like it’s the right choice.

Born/bred in MD. Raised in ME. Transplant to FL. Entrepreneur, wife, writer, puppy momma, Scorpio, fitness/nutrition enthusiast, eternal optimist.
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5 responses to “Why I’m Giving My Dog To My Parents

  1. This really helped me a lot!!!! I’m giving my dog to my parents bc my dog is overly aggressive and CANNOT handle the city life as you could understand with your dog being a “people person”. My dog is the same way.. My parents also have an abundance of land for my little one to run on, but I still feel so bad because she is sooo attached to me that I feel as if she will be lost and depressed without me around. I’m literally crying right now thinking about the process happening. Like you said you know it will be for the best it’s just the emotional attachment of having them from babies and not being able to cope with letting them go into a new environment. Ugh! It’s so hard.

    1. Danni, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done…but almost two years later, I can honestly say it was the best for everyone. My dog is so, so happy with my parents…so I know it was the right choice šŸ™‚

  2. Thank you so much for this. I’m giving my beautiful 8 year old dog to my mom. I’ve had her for 7 years now and after rescuing her from a bad situation and nursing her back to health she never recovered and become a dog-dog lover. She is however very much a people person! After a few close encounters of dog attacks with my other rescues, even after 6 years of them being together, I just got tired of playing musical dog. My mom is all alone and she loves her very much. I haven’t stopped crying since I’ve made this decision. Everything I think about involves her. Daily feeding, playtime, bedtime, everything will be without her. It feels like a death even though it’s not. Thank you for the boost and knowing I’m not alone. I’ve felt like such a failure since I made the decision.

    1. Allie, the LAST thing you are is a failure. You are doing what’s best for your pup AND for your own sanity.

      It’s been two years since my first fur baby went to live with my parents and, while I think of him every day, I never realized how good it would be for him and them.

      To put you at (even more) ease, my pup’s been more of a savior to my Mom than I ever imagined. (Yours may be for your Mom, too!) As a Mom, she had my younger brother and I for 18+ years…then took care of her own mom…and then she needed somebody else. Brady has been that to her. She thanks me all the time for bringing him to her. They are exactly what each other needs. He’s one of my first loves…but, in the end, they actually needed each other more.

      I won’t lie…it’s going to take time to heal, but you will be so happy knowing it’s for the best šŸ™‚

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I keep rereading them over and over again to help me through this. I really appreciate all your advice. Thank you again very much!

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