My Fail-Proof Tip for Motivating and Succeeding

A few years ago, I read about a single thing you can do that could get you through anything.

And I mean anything.

Any one thing you might be dreading or simply anxious about: a big presentation, a first day of work or school, a family reunion, a trip across the country, a workout at the gym, anything.

Ready for it?

Visualize yourself succeeding afterwards.

What does that look like?

Maybe it’s visualizing yourself after a big presentation, getting applause and big congratulations of a job well done.

Maybe it’s picturing yourself after a workout thinking I’m so glad I made myself go to the gym.

Perhaps it’s thinking of yourself on the plane leaving from a big trip you were dreading feeling elated you went.

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Regardless of the situation, I’ve found this trick to do wonders for my motivation and drive.

Think about it…don’t many of us imagine the worst that could happen? Failing miserably?

When I don’t want to go to the gym, I imagine myself afterwards being happy I went. When I’m nervous about a presentation, I imagine myself nailing it when I’ve finished.

You still have to put in the effort, but situations are far less daunting when you imagine them going perfectly.

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