30 Things I Want to Do Before I’m 30

Today, I turn 26 years old. Crazy how fast the years go by, but I love it.

I’m one of the very few people that I know that actually enjoys getting older…but that’s a topic for another time.

For now, I decided that I have 4 years until I turn 30 and I want to do a lot within that time. So here it goes. 30 things before I’m 30. My pre-30 bucket list, if you will…


1. Go for even more random adventures [CHECK!]
2. Go on a cruise with my BFF [CHECK!]
3. Visit Europe (Paris and Rome, for sure)
4. Visit a Caribbean island [CHECK!]
5. Visit California (Can you say Wine Country?) [CHECK!]

6. Drive cross-country. [CHECK!]
7. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon. I’d love to see another one of the 7 Wonders.
8. I’ve lived in Maine, Maryland, and now Florida. I’d love to try another place out before I’m 30.


9. Start my own business [CHECK!]
10. Get a second degree in English
11. Do more speaking/teaching classes
12. Teach as an adjunct professor in a college
13. Start my MBA
14. Become more fluent in French
15. Learn sign language
16. Write (or at least start writing) a book

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17. Run a 10K
18. Run a half marathon [CHECK!]
19. Try paddleboard yoga [CHECK!]
20. Learn how to surf
21. Become a certified yoga teacher
22. Become a certified nutritionist


23. Learn something new every day [CHECK!]
24. Volunteer more often [CHECK!]
25. Do something I love every day [CHECK!]
26. Write every day [CHECK!]


27. Buy a new car [CHECK!]
28. Go sky diving
29. Ride in a hot air balloon
30. Swim with dolphins

What about you? What are a few items on your bucket list?

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