A Bitter Reminder: Life is Way Too Short & Tragedy Cannot Be Explained

This week has been a bitter pill to swallow; there have been unnecessary catastrophes in Boston and the loss of life in my own friend’s family.

There are disasters and tragedies every day all over the world and, if you ever let them, all the pain and suffering could consume you.

All the sadness could confine you to your home, afraid to leave for fear of anything and everything going wrong.

All the fear could force you to never make a real change in your life and never allow you to make a difference.

All the tragedy could push you to block yourself off, never allowing yourself to make real connections with others.

It could. But it won’t.

It won’t because we’re human and we’re also survivors.

It won’t because tragedy is a daily reminder of just how precious life is.

It won’t because sadness is the never ending push we need to know that we must make connections and make a difference.

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Life is way too short…

The end of life should be a celebration, not sadness; that’s what we all want for our friends and family after we pass, is it not? None of us live forever, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.

…but it’s a reminder.

It’s a reminder that no matter how bad an argument gets with your friends or family, never walk away mad.

It’s a reminder to always say “I love you”.

And it’s a reminder to never regret the last words you said to someone.

Tragedy can’t be explained…

When tragedy occurs and death happens for no explainable reason, it’s even worse. War, violence, and terrorism are unexplainable, and yet they still happen.

…but it’s still a reminder.

It’s a reminder that none of us can take anything for granted.

It’s a reminder that if we can make even a small difference in another person’s life, we should.

And it’s a reminder that we can never, no matter what, let the few deranged psychos in this world let us lose our faith in humanity.

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