How Selfies (and Instagram) Can Actually Make You Healthier

You’ve seen them everywhere. 


From duck faces to flirty faces, selfies are the Millennial Generation’s way of sharing emotions, what they’re doing, and more.

Enter Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram for a while, but it wasn’t until recently I’ve seen as more than just a place to post cool, filtered photos.

I didn’t realize until recently that Instagram is the proverbial stomping ground for selfies. But it’s more than that. It can be a source of inspiration, too. In fact, a friend was the first to tell me about how inspirational Instagram has been on her quest to eat better and work out more.

Like many other Instagramers, my friend started documenting a lot of her workouts and meals. Of course, I love this immediately.

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How does Instagram help you get healthier?

Be accountable.

You’re on a strict diet? Awesome…where’s the photo proof? You’re working out on a Friday night instead of going out? Photo document it.

Instagram has, for many of the health and fitness obsessed, fulfilled the accountability factor.

Be inspired.

With plenty of other health conscious Instagramers out there, there’s no way you won’t be inspired to work harder and eat better!

Be motivated.

Being a social network, Instagram is the perfect place to receive feedback. From likes to comments, your network can help you – and motivate you – with your success!

Show your progress.

Last, but certainly not least, Instagram has turned into a great way to show your progress while training. Whether it’s a before and after or a simple shot, it’s great to see change!

How do you like to use Instagram?

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