5 Reasons I Love Rollerblading (and Not Just for the Cardio Workout!)

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I bought these rollerblades recently and I’m already obsessed! Rollerblading is a wonderful things for a number of reasons.

And here are just five:

1. Cardio

It must be said…rollerblading is great for cardio! At a good pace, you can burn 600 – 800 calories per hour!

I recommend using an app on your smart phone to track time and distance. Try using MapMyRun – they have a setting for rollerblading, unlike other apps where the default is “running.”

2. Low impact

Unlike running, rollerblading doesn’t have the high impact intensity for your knees, hips, and body.

That said, it’s much more dangerous than running – the risk of injury after falling can be scary! So make sure you gear up with safety equipment if you’re getting out there on your rollerblades!

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3. Work that booty!

I’ve not had a cardio workout that worked by lower body more than rollerblading in…ever! It’s an amazing thing.

Think about it: you’re essentially in a constant squat while rollerblading so of course you’re going to get a great leg workout.

Don’t think for a moment you’re not working out the rest of your body, though. You’re working your arms as you swing them and your core is getting worked as you move your entire body.

4. It’s never boring

Put together a great mix on your iPod or download a book on tape. This is the perfect time to listen to these!

I’ve even had a few phone conversations while rollerblading. Since it’s not necessarily an intensive cardio (depending on how hard you push yourself), it’s pretty easy to talk and hold a conversation!

5. It’s fun!

After running my first (and only) half marathon, I’ve still had yet to get back into running. Unfortunately that race, while a wonderful check off the old bucket list, ruined running for me in many ways. It went from fun exercise  to a chore…and that means I had to bring the fun back.

Rollerblading, in the short time since I began, seems to do that. There’s nothing like the wind in your hair and a sunny day on rollerblades to make you feel like a kid again!

Now get out there and switch it up. Start ROLLERBLADING!

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