Why I Think It’s Vital to Write Personal Blogposts

Over the years, I’ve shared a lot on this blog: from struggles to experiences to things that drive me just plain crazy.

They all have one thing in common: they’re all extremely personal.

For some, it’s probably difficult to share such intimate things on the Internet. For others, they do it regularly (and go a little overboard, might I add) through social media.

While sometimes personal blogposts may be an over share, I do think they’re extremely valuable and necessary…and here’s why.

While I’m a huge advocate for blogging on a professional level, I also know the benefits of it on a personal level.

(Allow me to preface the following by also saying: it’s important to have a particular space to share your personal thoughts. Your business blog is not the place, your personal blog is.)

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The reality is: a lot of us are online Googling, looking for answers in one way or another.

It may be to better ourselves physically or emotionally, or just to know that somewhere out there someone else is having the same thoughts as we are.


I think it’s vital we share our experiences and thoughts through a blog because if a single blogpost helps another person in even the smallest of ways, it’s all been worth it. Hell, we’re here for each other after all.

So if you’re like my friend Zac and have things to share…share them. Don’t air your dirty laundry, but share the things that you’ve learned.

Share the things that have made you think. Share the things that have made you a better person. You never know…you could make all the difference to someone reading.

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