How to Enjoy Exercise Again: 5 Ways to Get Back Into Your Workout

It happens to all of us. You’ve been doing the same exercise routine for (what feels like) forever…and you’re bored of it.

Or, you’ve been out of your routine for a week (ok, maybe five weeks). How do you get back your love for exercise (or recreate it if it was never there)?

Never fear, dear fitness champion, we can work through this together…here are 5 ways to get back into your workout.

1. Give yourself a challenge.

It’s after high school and after college. You’re no longer competing in your sports, so you have nothing to train for.

So…sign up for something! Try a 5K, Half Marathon, Tough Mudder, Iron Man…whatever moves you. Putting a challenge on your radar will help you train and get back in the game.

2. Stop thinking.

Don’t think during your workout…take a class or work with a trainer instead. Often it’s nice not to have to think about the workout ahead of you or what you need to do.

Better yet? You won’t even need to push yourself. That’s the fitness instructor/trainer’s job.

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3. Go back slowly.

Start slowly heading back to the gym. Once or twice a week to start, then step it up a notch.

Whatever you do…don’t overwhelm yourself when you head back to the gym by going 7 days for the first week back. Start slow and get fitness back in your schedule.

4. Go to your workout.

Often, getting back in your routine is as simple as getting yourself to a fitness class or to the gym. Once you’re there, it’s a little harder to talk yourself out of the workout.

5. Find a buddy.

Many of us do better with a friend to keep us on track. Really what you’re doing is keeping each other on track.

Those days you don’t feel like hitting the gym is when your friend comes in handy…and vice versa.

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