Why the “I’m So Stressed Out” Excuse Drives Me Nuts

I’m sure you’ve heard more than one person in your lifetime say “I’m so stressed out.”

My immediate response? “Ok, you’re stressed out…isn’t everyone? You got that off your chest. Moving on…”

Allow me to preface this by saying: I’m speaking to using stress as an excuse. There are a number of dangerous levels of stress that are unhealthy and can be extremely harmful to your body. That is not the type of stress we’re talking about here.

Stress is relative.

What stresses you out may not stress me out. And vice versa. Our limits of stress are all incredibly different.

I’ve known plenty of people that only ever have to worry about work and very basic day-to-day things. Add one more thing to their plate and bring on the Xanax. Then are are those that like to pile a million things on their plate, holding stress in until they explode from it. And you know what? Neither is right and neither is wrong…they’re simply the different ways we deal with stress.

Understanding that there is a difference between your stress levels and those around you is crucial and the first step to better understanding your peers.

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Stress is based on perspective.

Similarly, your life experiences are different than mine. The amount of stress you can handle, then, is inherently different than what I can handle.

Since none of us truly know the inside of another person’s brain, we can’t judge or comprehend the amount of stress another is under. Therefore, it’s important to keep this perspective in mind before you share that you’re “so stressed out” with someone else.

The reality is: they may be far more stressed out than you. I cannot stress (ba dum cha!) enough how valuable it can be to have perspective and sensitivity when venting to another person.

Stress can be used as an excuse.

So the reason it drives me crazy that people use stress as an illegitimate excuse? Because it’s just that: an excuse.

If you suffer from normal, healthy stress in your life, then quit using it as a crutch and work to work through it. Here are some easy ways to conquer stress in your life:

Treat your body right

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week.

Treat your mind right

  • Find a spiritual outlet of your choice, like meditating or going to church
  • Spend some time doing yoga or deep breathing regularly

Be aware

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