How to Be A “Fit Couple”

It’s a well known fact that once you get comfortable in a relationship, you kick certain healthy habits. Rather, you trade in your healthy habits.

Weekend races are traded for weekends with your significant other’s family. Morning workouts are traded for morning snuggling. Evening yoga classes are traded for fancy dinners out.

I know all this because it happened to me. After I fell head over heels and after living together a while, I looked up and realized that I was slacking on my workouts this year. Though I still hit the gym on my own a few times a week, I realized I was making excuses to hang with my man instead of hitting the gym.

Less out of vanity than maintaining sanity, I’ve always known that working out helps me maintain balance in my life. So I kept that portion of my workouts going, but stopped pushing the limits because – for lack of a better term – I got a little too comfortable.

1. Make health a common priority

Getting healthy together means making health a priority as a couple. Whether it’s working out together or making an effort to eating better (and even better, doing both), having the same healthy goals as your partner will put both of you that much closer to your healthiest selves.

If you’re in the same household, think of how much better being on the same healthy page will make your lives. Your fridge will be stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, rather than foods packed with preservatives and salt. And your evenings will be spent with visits to the gym rather than visits to the couch in front of the TV.

Here’s a great partner workout you can try together!

Ready to get motivated to work out (even when you work from home)?

Learn 9 simple ways to get motivated to work out in this easy-to-follow infographic.

2. Motivate each other

Having someone on your team and pushing you to become your healthiest self is a great motivator. Think of it: it’s Saturday morning and all you want to do is lie in bed when there’s a 5K race you and your partner signed up for. He or she is there pulling you out of the covers and pushing you to get in your race gear.

Motivation is a beautiful thing.

3. Remember all of the other benefits a healthy lifestyle will give you

From better sleep to more energy to a better sex life, a more fit and healthy lifestyle will start giving you all sorts of other benefits other than the obvious hotter and slimmer bod. Psychological benefits like a happier more positive outlook will only further enhance your love life. And bonus: you get to have all these benefits together!!

So get out there and start motivating the love in your life!

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