Vacation Workouts: How to Exercise When You Travel

I’m a big believer in vacation workouts.

After all, what are vacations meant to be but time spent doing things you don’t normally get to do; like eating whatever you want, spending however long you want at the gym, or just plain doing nothing.

While vacation exercise can often be a dream and not a reality, it’s much more doable when you have a plan. 

With quick workout routines you can do in the comfort of your own hotel room or even a fitness facility with little equipment, your chances for success are already better.

Here are a few easy ways to keep up with your diet/exercise routine during vacation or even a work trip!

Save photos

My favorite way to get vacation workout ideas is by saving photos from Instagram or your favorite source for awesome home workouts.

You’ll find a ton of ideas at the bottom of this post.

Ready to get motivated to work out (even when you work from home)?

Learn 9 simple ways to get motivated to work out in this easy-to-follow infographic.

Do multiple rounds

Many of the workouts below and those you’ll find you can do without the need of equipment will be pretty short and sweet.

Push yourself and do multiple round in order to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re strapped for time, getting even one or two rounds in is better than nothing!

Don’t forget your diet

Sure, vacations are the time to indulge; which is part of the reason workouts are a necessity. But, that’s no reason to go buck wild.

  • When faced with a menu, try to go with a healthier option.
  • Stick to clear liquors, instead of more highly caloric darker liquors.
  • Watch your portions.
  • Plan ahead by packing healthy snacks if you’ll be out and about.

Without further ado, here is some fitness inspiration for your next trip!

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