Why Beachbody Will Never Be For Me

As a self-proclaimed optimist, it goes against my nature to write about anything negative or even to “hate” something to begin with; but I’ve had the urge to write this post for some time now.

I finally feel it is my duty as a blogger and – truth be told – a person who feels a deep need to stir the pot every once in a while to do so.

Before I get started, I want to be very clear about a few things, as I know there could be a very firm opposition to this post:

  • I love that Beachbody motivates the people who believe in it. 
  • The way that each individual person chooses to and is motivated to be healthy is their’s and their’s alone. This is simply my personal opinion.
  • I cannot and will not speak to the business infrastructure of Beachbody; I have no idea what the ins and outs or “pyramid scheme” look like from the inside as a coach, so I – literally – have no room to talk in regards to that. Likewise, I cannot speak to the products themselves; whether it’s the fitness or diet regimens.

With that, let’s get to it.

Ever since my Facebook feed first started filling up with posts and (supposedly) motivating long-winded monologues about the wonders of Beachbody, I haven’t helped but feel an itching annoyance with this company.

But I could never quite put my finger on what bothered me so much.

It wasn’t the fitness posts (as I mentioned above, I adore the fact that people are inspiring one another to be healthier). Play-by-play Facebook posts do tend to rub me the wrong way, but I can get over that. And though I started circling around the fact that I don’t necessarily agree with the marketing strategies behind Beachbody, I can’t help but admit that the upbeat and positive (read: in-your-face and a little too honest) posts do seem to work for certain people.

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So for months it’s been bothering me: why do I have such disdain for the company that I really can’t find any fault in?

Then it hit me.

I am not the ideal Beachbody target audience, but I’m still being targeted.

On the outside, I admit that I’m probably close to the perfect candidate to buy into the Beachbody (dare I say?) religion or even be one of the their dedicated coaches. I do web marketing for a living and I endlessly preach about the importance of health and fitness, so I really can’t blame every Beachbody coach I know for trying to get me to buy in.

The problem is that I’m extremely self-motivated when it comes to my health and fitness goals.

I love to blog about leading a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t necessarily love posting sweating photos of myself or giving a full play-by-play of my day. (Though I will fully admit that I went through a phase of it on Instagram, but haven’t done much of that lately.)

I love going to my local gym and doing a hardcore kickboxing or bootcamp class, but only because I’m competitive. I’ve always preferred working out on my own to with a partner or a group.

I love that my boyfriend and I can be healthy together, but that it doesn’t transpire into measuring each other’s stomachs every night.

The fact is: each of us has our own unique pathway to a healthy lifestyle. What motivates us individually is also unique and different. And just because Beachbody doesn’t motivate me in the same way it will motivate someone else, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It simply means: it’s not for me.

I can only imagine Beachbody coaches will have plenty to say on this matter and I fully welcome positive, insightful conversation below!

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