DIY: How to Create a Great Gift Basket for a Baby or Wedding Shower, Birthday, or Holiday Present

I love a good gift basket – getting and giving. They’re really a double-gift, if you think about it. You give lots of goodies and a basket, all in one!

Often, they can be more meaningful and more inexpensive, which is the perfect combo for any gift!

1. Pick a theme

Start by picking a theme: if it’s a bridal shower or baby shower, it’s a little easier. If it’s for a more general celebration – like a birthday or Christmas – then choose something that your giftee enjoys. (That, of course, goes without saying.) If you need a little inspiration, just head over to Pinterest. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Coffee/breakfast gift basket
  • Movie night gift basket
  • Moving gift basket (necessities for a new home)
  • Spa gift basket

You can even give it a cutesy name!


2. Hit the stores

After you have your theme picking out, it’s time to get your basket and your goodies. Stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s are great for more inexpensive finds and a great place to get a great basket!

Don’t forget to play to your theme with the basket. For example, if your theme is for a moving gift, a storage tote might be just the ticket.


3. Decorate

Have fun with this part! Arrange everything within your basket in a fun and interesting way. If you have a lot of space to fill, use tissue paper to decorate and create cushioning, too.

Happy gift basketing!