How to Keep the Balance and Stop Being Lazy

It’s easier to sit on your ass and not go to the gym.

It’s easier to lay around watching TV all day than get up and go do something.

For some of us it’s easier to just exist day after day rather than actually contributing to society or the world around us.

Trust me, I love my lazy daysI work from home, so sometimes those lazy days happen more often than I’d like. I have extreme high energy days and extreme low energy days, but it’s important to keep balance. Here are a few ways to stop being so lazy.

Surround yourself with proactive types

My parents, best friends, and my boyfriend are amongst some of the least-lazy people I know, so they’re a wonderful inspiration for me. By surrounding yourself with the right inspiration (just like almost anything), you’ll find your lazy attitude going by the wayside in no time.

Get passionate

A lot of the time the problem with laziness is that you simply don’t want to do something.

If it’s a must-do activity (doing the laundry, for example), find a way to make it fun and interesting. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but it works. If we use the laundry example, I will do something else while I’m folding like watch TV or do some squats and get a little exercise.

If we’re talking about your job that you may have lost your passion for and are starting to get a little lazy, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a new career path.

Schedule your time wisely

Make time for the must-do (and hate-to-do) tasks as well as the fun-to-do ones. For example, telling yourself it will take 10 minutes to do the dishes in the sink (which you hate) before you have to leave for the gym (which you love) will create a reward-based system for yourself.

Similarly at work, try mixing up something you don’t enjoy doing and, once you finish, do the things you enjoy doing.

Are you a lazy person? How do you combat your lazy attitude?