One Year with the Sweat Program: What I Love & What I Don’t Love

I can’t believe it! I just hit Week 52 doing the Sweat with Kayla/BBG (now simply “Sweat”) fitness program. WAHOO!!!

There’s a ton of things I love about this program…and just one thing I don’t. Read on to see my review of Sweat!

What I Love

The program is manageable.

Each week (for the most part), you are responsible for:

  • (3) 28-minute weight lifting workouts (arms, abs, and legs)
  • (2 – 3) 20 – 40 minute LISS workouts (low intensity cardio, such as walking)
  • (1) 15 minute HIIT workout (high intensity cardio, such as sprint intervals)
  • (2) recovery days (1 stretching day, 1 rest day)
  • (1) optional Challenge day (could be a short 10 minute workout or a more intense 30 – 40 minute workout, depending on how quickly you go!

It seems like a lot all listed out, but with a time commitment of about 30 minutes per day, it’s very manageable!

You can do it (practically) anywhere.

Since I work from home and travel a decent amount, I love workout programs that I can do anywhere. With Sweat, you do have to be semi-creative in what workouts you choose to do when, but I’m generally able to make workouts happen simply with a few weights.

Plus, since the program is an app on your phone, it makes it super handy!

It gets progressively more difficult.

Just like all great fitness programs, it’s important to use more weight and challenge yourself over time.

At the beginning, the Sweat weight lifting (or “resistance”) routines are organized into (2) 7-minute circuits that you repeat twice. Over time, this changes into (2) 14-minute circuits that you repeat once each. In addition, the number of reps and exercises become more challenging over time.

Regardless, you run through (4) resistance exercises in each circuit as many times as you can. Of course, self-motivation is key here. Some days, I can only get through a circuit 2 times (that’s my minimum for myself); other days (and depending on the exercises), I can go through a circuit up to 5 times.

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What I Don’t Love

Even though I’ve loved the Sweat program, I have just one issue with it…

It’s not quite enough for me.

After a year on the program, I realized I wanted just a little more than what I was getting from Sweat.

As a mix between an ectomorph and mesomorph body type, I struggle with having to work hard to build curves and not getting too lean. The best way I’ve learned to do that is by lifting weights (and luckily, I love that!). I also struggle with the fact that I work from home and don’t move much naturally because of that!

However, even though the Sweat program gets more difficult over time (see above), I found that my body was simply maintaining rather than improving in tone.

As a result, I decided to add on a program recently from Tone It Up and my beloved TIU girls. Specifically, I started their Bikini Series workouts about 7 weeks ago when the challenge began. This way, I layer my Sweat program with the Tone It Up program; pairing up arm days, leg days, etc.. I end up working out about an hour a day (instead of 30 minutes) and am absolutely loving the way I feel as a result.

Interestingly enough, I have a feeling this has been a common complaint from Sweat users. Recently, Kayla Itsines (co-founder of the program) has not only rebranded it to Sweat, but added a program called “BBG Stronger” with (mainly gym-only) workouts that take things to the next level, along with two other programs from fitness experts (one yoga and one post-pregnancy).

So, all in all, I do love the program and I highly recommend it to anyone that is relatively self-motivated and looking for a great fitness program (for about the cost of a cheap gym membership!)

Have you tried the program? What’s your experience been?!

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