DIY: How I Made A $60 Hobby Lobby Wreath For Only $14

I was desperate to make a fall wreath for Thanksgiving this year. So yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby for fall wreath making materials after striking out at the Dollar Tree. (They’ve officially moved onto Christmas a week before Thanksgiving.)

I lucked out with it being so late in the season and got a wreath for 40% off (with the traditional Hobby Lobby coupon) and all the trimmings for 80% off (with all fall decor on sale!).


Once I had everything, all I had to do was separate the individual pieces of each bunch of faux fall decorations I purchased…


…then arrange them around the wreath!

This was an incredibly easy project and the bulk of the time was really just thanks to arranging everything how I wanted it.


I may not have the wreath for that long this season, but hey! I’ll be able to use it year after year from now on! 🙂