What Do You Want?

This is amongst my all-time favorite questions to ask people.

What do you want?

Not only does it get you to think…it gets you to think about something you probably don’t truly think about often. Sure, you know what you want on the surface.

You want to be happy.

You want to be successful in what you do.

You want to be present.

Ok, great. But what does that mean for you?

In general, we all want these things. Further still, we all want them in a different way.

My version of happiness looks different than yours. My version of success looks different than yours. My version of living in the present looks different than yours.

So, stop here.

Take a moment to close your eyes and think. You can even take a day or two. Figure out: what do you want?

Here are a few prompts for how to determine what you want.

Think about “future you”

When you’re old and gray, what do you want to remember from your life?

Do you have a legacy that you left in your craft/business/job? Do you parent amazing children? Do you save the world?

Imagine yourself on your dying day and what would put a smile on your face as you leave the world? You don’t have a care – and are ready to go – because you did what you set out to do.

Determine concrete goals.

I get it. This is hard…really, really hard.

We’re used to “I want to be happy” or “I want to be financially stable.” But what does that really mean?

How about “I want to be so financially stable that I can be home with my family outside of 20 hours of work per week?”

How about “I want to be able to have 45 minutes a day for myself?”

How about “I want to go on two family vacations per year?”

This is the exact same thing I do with my clients. Instead of “I want more traffic to my website,” I want to hear “I want to get more traffic from [this keyword].”

Stop worrying about being “realistic”

So many of us focus on realistic goals, but don’t dream with our true hearts.

The real reality? Your dreams or goals don’t need to be “realistic,” because they reality is you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

So as you set out to figure out what you want, don’t let “reality” stop you. Figure out what you truly want by following your dreams.

Ready to share? Tell me what you want in life!