4 Things I Have to Do Before I Even Think About Working Out

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Fitness and exercise are incredibly important to me and to my wellbeing. But if you’re anything like me, it takes a bit to prepare – both mentally and physically – for a workout.

1. Carve out the time.

A good workout takes time…but I’ve also had great workouts that took both 15 minutes and an hour and 30 minutes.

If you only have a short amount of time, a HIIT workout is a great way to use your time wisely. Or, if you’re training for a big run (like a half marathon!) or attending a class, it’s important that you carve out enough time to get your run in.

2. Get out of my head.

It’s always important to focus on what you’re doing…even when it comes to your exercise routine. When my mind is elsewhere or I’m stressed about things that need to be done, I know that a great workout won’t happen.

In order to get the best exercise routine possible in, it’s important to clear your mind and focus solely on what you’re doing. Sure, there are a million other things to do, but you’re doing yourself and your body a great service by working out. Do yourself the honor of giving your full focus to it.

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3. Pick the right outfit.

I don’t know about you, but I have to have a workout outfit on that I feel comfortable in and great about my body. I love me some Fabletics workout gear, which I wear nearly every day.

Part of the reason you exercise is to feel great about the skin you’re in…so why not start while you work out? I certainly find that feeling great in the workout outfit I’m wearing will help me get the best workout possible. (Of course, it’s also important that it’s breathable and sweat wicking, too!)

4. Pick the right workout.

Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to choose the right workout. Depending on your exercise needs, the amount of time you have, time of day, and what is going to motivate you, pick the exercise that makes sense.

Exercise Needs

Did you do a leg workout the day before? Then it’s probably best to go with cardio, arms, or abs today. Mixing up your routine will ensure that you give your body what it needs.

Amount of Time

As mentioned above, it’s important to base the workout you do on the amount of time you have. There’s never a worse workout than one that is rushed or that you don’t feel that you have enough time for.

Time of Day

The time of day will drastically change the type of workout you’re able to do. For example, 10:00pm isn’t a great time for a run. Be mindful of the time as you plan your day.


When I plan the workout I want to do for the day, it’s incredibly important that it’s one I want to do. Pick something that makes sense for you and that you feel good doing.

How do you prepare for a workout?

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