When You’ve Become the “Mom” of the Group

There’s a moment that happens as a woman.

It’s subtle and you’ll never see it coming.

Once, you were the life of the party. You were going out every weekend and having fun – maybe with your significant other, but likely as the single girl.

You were wearing outfits you wouldn’t wear in front of your Mom or your boss; but hey, you were trying to impress all the menfolk then. You were sort of bohemian then. You were living your best life and going with the flow.

Then one day…

You woke up and realized you were the “Mom” of the group. (Usually this realization happens when one of your “fun” friends calls you the Mom.)

You now stay at home most nights. You go to bed early. You get up early. You wear clothes the “old you” would deem just for your own mother (complete with those high waisted jeans). You may or not be an actual Mom yet…but you sure do act like one.

You’re also a rockstar.

A lot more has changed than just getting up/going to bed early and “dressing like a Mom.” You also take yourself seriously…and your life seriously.

Back when you weren’t the “Mom,” you didn’t take things so seriously. But you also weren’t half as successful. You didn’t have goals back then…you were just flying by the seat of your pants and having fun.

Now, you have goals. You have a vision for your life. You have drive. You have motivation. Sure, you don’t go out much, but you don’t mind. These days, you have your girlfriends over for a glass of wine at home in your yoga pants and that suits you all just fine.

Because…guess what?

You’re happy now. You may have been happy then, too, but this is a different phase or season of your life.

You aren’t the party girl anymore, but you’re a different version of yourself. A better version in many ways. A version that learned from that party girl phase and grew up. A version that appreciates those days (and never, ever feels guilty for them), but also one that appreciates how far she’s come.

Don’t ever feel badly for being called the “Mom” of the group. Chances are, you weren’t always…and it’s ok that you are now.

You go to bed early and wake up without a hangover. You look at your bank account and you don’t stress out.

You are a rockstar.

You are the “Mom.”

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