How I Survive as an Empath on Vacation

I’ve always called myself a chameleon…I take on the energy of others that isn’t my own. Little did I know, this is one of the core characteristics of an empath.

Before now, I thought I was simply highly sensitive; come to find out I’m actually an empath. Being an empath means I’m extremely energy sensitive.

I’ve noticed vacation especially sets off my empathic qualities, especially as we enjoy cruising a lot. On a ship, I’m essentially trapped on a floating tin can with (what is currently) 6,400 other personalities. For someone who is energy sensitive, that’s a lot.

Here’s what I’ve learned I need to do for myself on vacation. So take note if you’re highly sensitive or think you might be an empath.

Get plenty of exercise.

Exercise is such a joy for me on vacation. It’s something I have (seemingly endless amounts of) time to do, rather than something I have to plan or schedule into my day, hoping I have enough time to do it.

Walking and exercise are especially important as an empath as it’s excellent release of energy and opportunity for re-grounding it.

Get self-care time.

I mentioned in my last post that there was a lot of negative energy around the Broadway show Cats during our honeymoon cruise.

I realized the energy was too much. It was too negative and it shook me.

My husband even opted out of the second half of the show, as it wasn’t his jam (totally fine, as he appreciated the talent of the performers). So I ended up finishing up the second act, seated by myself and getting one of the best forms of self-care I can give myself: the power of theater and, more specifically, musicals.

Get alone time.

Exercise and self-care are excellent ways for empaths to re-ground their energy, but sometimes it also takes that one-on-one time with yourself.

If I ever feel too overwhelmed on vacation or in need of a break, I simply excuse myself to take some private time – whether a quiet walk or a mud mask and TV in my room. Sometimes we just “me” time.

In addition, I also love vacation for plenty of “getting ready” time. I love being able to take my time to apply makeup, do my hair, and get ready for a night out. It’s bliss for me.


I didn’t get as much meditation time as I wanted to on this specific vacation…and I felt the effects of that.

Especially during a full moon week, I felt much more anxious than normal and whether full moon, empathic nature, my cycle (or all three!), meditating always helps.

What helps you during a vacation – empath or not?

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