3 Reasons Why I Love to Blog

I’ve been blogging regularly for business, here on this blog, for clients, and for other publications around the web for over 10 years.

In short: I love the power of blogging and I regularly sing its praises to clients and friends alike. Here are three reasons why I love it so much.

1. There are no rules

…well, sort of.

You can make your blog whatever you want it to be. It can be for business, for lifestyle, an online journal; the sky is the limit.

Not only that; you get to write the rules on how often you want to post and what content you want to share.

You can decide how small or how big your network gets. You can choose to invite in other writers, or just keep your baby to yourself. You can market the blog as little or as much as you want to expand your readership.

How cool is it that you get to write the rules?

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2. It’s a great way to document

Regardless if we’re talking personal blogging or for business, I love the documentation nature of it.

Whether I’ve learned something in life or in business, it’s nice to know I (or someone else!) can always refer back to my blog for the answers.

When we’re talking exposure to audiences who don’t know you, this premise can also help establish you as an expert in your niche.

3. It’s my way to think through things

I’ve always used writing to explore my thoughts and blogging is a great way of doing that.

I have a horrible memory, so writing things down is my way to mentally bookmark it. More importantly, writing has always been how I learn best (I re-wrote notes in school to study) and also how I process the best.

What do you love about blogging?

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