How to Stay Motivated When You Work from Home

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As someone who has worked from home for nearly 8 years (2 years part-time and 6 years full-time), I’ve blogged about working from home quite a bit. (I’ve linked to all of them at the end of this post!)

I find that one of the biggest challenges in working from home is a biggie: motivation.

When you work from home, self-motivation is a critical piece of the puzzle and a something you must prioritize in order to be successful.

If you already work from home, you know what I’m talking about.

You may find certain distractions or obligations keep you from being focused on work priorities. But, never fear, my friends, I’m here to help based on my own lovely experience battling the self-motivation demons.

I find that re-motivating myself can often be remedied by a change in perspective or scenery, so you’ll see that a lot of tips below follow those ideas. When we’re doing something that isn’t working, it usually just takes a change in mindset. Check out the tips below to help you stay motivated working from home.

Focus on your priorities

I tend to fall off the motivation rails a bit when I lose sight of my daily tasks or to-do list when I don’t have the priorities in mind.

When you work from home, it’s so easy to get distracted with tasks around the house, playing on social media, or worrying about all the “other things you have to do.”

Set yourself up for success and prioritize your “must-do’s” when you sit down for your work day and focus on getting them done. Eat the frog and accomplish the toughest goals on your list. (For more, check out this post for accomplishing your to-do list.)

Watch, listen, and read content by your mentors

One of the things I’ve started incorporating into my daily routine (if possible) or (certainly) on days where I’m having trouble getting started is watching, listening, and reading the content created by my mentors and experts.

I find that when I start the day – or break to re-inspire and re-motivate – by listening or reading to the people I respect and learn from, I’m suddenly motivated to kick ass again. Whether it’s from a great self development podcast, thinking through something that’s been on my mind, reading something motivational, or simply listening to someone else rock it out, I typically always get the jumpstart I need from this type of content.

In particular, I’m fascinated by the world of self improvement and growth, so a lot of what I read and listen to these days is self development content. Some of my current favorites include:

Love the space you’re in

Working from home for some can mean that any space in the house is a workspace. If you’re like me, you like to move around – especially when a certain space is starting to feel stale or you’ve stopped being productive. Moving around always inspires me to get motivated again.

In addition to moving, make sure you love the space that you’re in to begin with. So whatever that means for you: light a candle, turn on the infuser, play music, surround yourself with your “why,” drink your coffee out of a beautiful mug, open a window, or get outside.

When you love your space, you’ll feel that much more inspired to work and to create.

Take a (mindful) break when you need one

Depending on what type of worker you are, you may very well get sucked into work, work, work when you’re at home. Or, perhaps you’re the type (like me) who notices a distinct point at which you stop becoming productive.

Either way, our bodies (and our minds) need a break. So take one…but make it mindful.

Get outside and take the dog for a walk, exercise in your favorite way, meditate, doing a household chore, or make yourself a wholesome meal or snack. Try to avoid getting into breaks that involve mindlessness (like a TV show, endless scrolling of your social networks, and so on.) Typically, mindless activities are only going to help in making you feel less motivated, rather than more motivated.

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