How to Be Better (at Anything!)

Today I woke up and decided I wanted to up-level my photography game.

Ever since I invested in my DSLR camera almost four years ago, I’ve pursued some amateur photography. Mainly focusing on portrait work as well as some real estate photography, I’ve learned that I very much enjoy photographing people and memories.

And while I’ve learned a lot, and covered the basics way back when, I’ve always felt I was missing some foundational pieces.

Sure, you can look up everything you’d ever need to know about photography (for free) online. But I decided to invest in a course that would take me from A to Z and fill in any gaps that I’d been missing.

And with that, here’s how to be better…at anything!

You have to want to learn

How many times have you taken a class or course because you had to, not because you wanted to? How much would you say you got out of said education compared to something you actually wanted to do?

One of the first steps in becoming better at something is wanting to be better and being willing to learn.

By being the best student you can be – and a lifelong learner, you’ll undoubtedly grow in whatever field you want. We can literally learn anything we want…you just have to want it.

Read everything

No matter what you want to be better at, chances are the information is already out there. You can learn how to do almost anything online these days, which is such a special gift. In fact, the power we have with both books and the internet at our fingertips, is undeniable.

Read (or listen if that’s more your thing!) anything you can get your hands on. Read for pleasure, read for knowledge, read everything.

Some of my favorite ways to read are:

  • Subscribing to emails newsletters that give me daily (or weekly) updates in my industry. I try to start the morning by reading one of these.
  • Listen to inspirational or informational podcasts. This is another way I like to start the morning – usually while I make and eat my breakfast!
  • Listen to an audiobook in the car. I’ve been able to listen to countless books by listening on the road.
  • Read for pleasure at night or in the bath. I like to end the evening by reading a novel in the bathtub or before going to bed.

Practice, practice, practice

Now that you’ve learned everything you can (and continue to do so), it’s time to put it into practice.

So, back to the original example, it’s now my job to put my photography lessons to good use by practicing as much as I possibly can.

How can you use this in your own life and what can you put into practice? Whether a big or small skill, always put what you’ve learned into practice and you’ll be better (at anything) in no time!

What are you getting better at today?

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